About US

Who we are.?

Khalihaan is building India’s fastest farm to kitchen exclusive green grocery platform. It brings a comprehensive solution to the entire Agri-value chain of fresh farm produce, with heavy emphasis on market-linkage. It is working towards building a robust rural supply chain of fresh agricultural produce by directly linking the consumers with their local rural farmers to facilitate same day harvest and delivery of fresh farm produce.

Khalihaan is a Hindi word which refers to a barn or threshing floor which is usually found in and around the area of farming lands. The name signifies delivering direct from farms and giving consumers a sense of freshness and quality of the produce, in contrast with the present situation of long and broken Agri-produce supply chain.

How we add value.?

  • 1) Reduction of food waste by 94% with short and integrated supply chain.
  • 2) Substantial reduction in the prices of fruits and vegetables by eliminating intermediaries from the supply chain
  • 3) Freshness and nutrition of the produce are intact due to very short time between harvest and delivery.

Our Farmers.

We have a vast network of farmers who are encouraged for Natural Farming, thereby eliminating the need of chemicals and pesticides. A total of 21 private label products have been launched including, wheat, 3 categories in rice, 3 categories in spices, 11 categories in pulses, foxnut, and 2 categories in ghee. Most of these produces are procured directly from the farmers of the Ganges valley and are traditionally farmed with no pesticides and processed with the delicate care of our traditionally skilled staff. Purity, better dietary-quality, free of mixing and chemicals, unpolished, unadulterated and uncompromised in nutrition is the signature of Khalihaan.